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Vacation Training

When physical training becomes a part of your life, it’s natural to want to train during your vacation. Book that island trip with confidence.

Caribbean fitness professionals are experienced and highly competent. They certify and routinely upgrade their skills with internationally accredited schools in India, England, Europe, USA, Canada and Latin America. Choose private sessions or tandems. If you want to experience more of our LifeStyle, join a class at a club and meet locals. You will enjoy the challenge and appreciate the focus on safety.

Take your pick of movement sessions like zumba; pole, ballroom, Latin, Country, line and aerobic dance. Enjoy indoor cycling, kettlebell, strength and cardio training; Pilates mat and equipment; boxing and kickboxing; stretch and various styles of yoga including Paddle Board and Aerial Yoga. Our martial artists will welcome you.

Behave like one of us and have local fruit or greens; ground provisions (yam, dasheen, sweet potato, eddoes), green banana or plantain with organically grown vegetable for your pre-training meal. For the post training meal, try mountain chicken or fish with vegetable in season.

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