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Functional Strength and Everyday Movement

Have you ever watched teams stroll out to start a match and notice that some of the very tall athletes have short strides?

Maybe you’ve noticed that some players don’t swing their arms when they walk.

They play their hearts out, though They tumble like Judokas, split more often than 9 year old girls in the end of year dance performance and; jump and touch the sky.

But, how is it that a world class athlete can even appear to be stiff?

Functional strength was, at one time, considered only for athletics training. Thankfully, this has changed. Functional strength is now as concerned with the flexibility you need to pick your car keys up off the street as it is with your making better time on the hurdles. Gone are the days when you spent good money at the gym for years and still walked with one shoulder noticeably higher than the other.

It doesn’t matter that your goal is to enter the next 5K. Your Trainer knows how to programme for you. He / she will make sure that, while you get ready for the run, your balance improves and average everyday movements are smooth and painless.

Katie Chasey

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