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That archipelago from The Bahamas, Cuba and The Cayman Islands far North all the way to Trinidad in the South, is thought of as the Caribbean …...ideal for a holiday.


Guyana, although sandwiched between Venezuela and Suriname in South America, is considered part of the Caribbean too.


For thousands of us who live here, the region is highly prized …...not only because it is our home, but because the region represents a way of life that offers the best of just about everything you need to live in fine form.


Clean, fresh air; birds, herbs, spices; women with broad hips and smiles beckon planeloads.  Not even high speed internet connectivity, it seems, can impact the laid back lifestyle. The rest of the world comes to dip in our beaches, rivers, waterfalls, curries, stews and soups.  They are fascinated by our accents, patois, rhythm and girations.


Why?  What’s so special about the Caribbean?  There may be something in what LindaChristy Weiler writes.


The author talks about “ ‘life well-lived’ “ as being “the direct result of esoteric and practical wisdom that arises from intense self study - of one’s body, mind, Self, and community.” 

She suggests that “a healthy, fit body is the most fundamental component necessary to sustain life.”  She says, “physical health and fitness are the basic building blocks that give you the opportunity to bloom and grow.”    

Average Caribbean lifestyle certainly offers opportunities for that intense self study.  


FineForm Caribbean Brands examine aspects of what Weiler refers to as “the basic building blocks” and the resultant “ ‘life well-lived;’ “ and provide educational support for Professionals and General Public.


… wonder the planes keep coming…….

LindaChristy Weiler / Adult Beginner Ballet Fitness: A Mind-Body Approach to Movement, Embodiment and Identity

LifeStyle Caribbean
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