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Functional Strength & Resistance Training   (2hrs)

Functional Strength

a CORE(™) Instructor Foundation Continuing Education Workshop

3pm - 5pm,  Saturday 7 December 2019 at Bagatelle Great House,  Barbados

Designing a resistance training programme for John Public is one thing.  


Correctly incorporating resistance training as a component within athletic conditioning is another.   


When your goal is peak performance; where, when and how do you use resistance to prevent injury, improve functional strength and improve athleticism?

Learning Objectives

  • Apply some basic principles of athletic conditioning concepts to decrease the incidence of injury, increase power and improve performance.

  • Resistance training exercises which are designed to improve functional strength.

  • Effectively design a program that incorporates resistance training principles.

  • Discuss how resistance training can improve athletic performance and prevent injury.


  • Participants perform the exercises.  

  • Please dress accordingly.  

  • Bring a towel large enough to cover an entire exercise mat.  

  • BYOD Please bring your own device.  Literature will be shared electronically.


  • Letter of Completion, Merrithew(™), Canada

  • ACE 0.Pending

  • REPs  2.0

  • SPIN®


Bds$525 includes training literature & catered breaks.  

Discount  2 Workshops Bds$1,050 includes training literature & catered breaks.

                 3 Workshops Bds$1,567 includes training literature & catered breaks.

Enjoy our NEW Prepayment Plan!

Workshop Notes

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