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Matwork Interval Training Level 1   (2hrs)

Matwork Level 1
9am - 11am,  Saturday 7 December 2019 at Bagatelle Great House,  Barbados

The routine is bordering on stale. Now is the time to apply the theories of interval training to mat exercises.  Create innovative and powerful sequences that gradually increase in rhythm, pace and intensity. 


Challenge muscle memory by integrating different planes and motor patterns.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how endurance and strength can be increased through mat work.

  • Learn simple movement sequences that build in intensity.

  • Create variety and challenge while focusing on alignment and movement quality.


  • Participants perform the exercises.  

  • Please dress accordingly.  

  • Bring a towel large enough to cover an entire exercise mat.  

  • BYOD Please bring your own device.  Literature will be shared electronically.


  • Letter of Completion, Merrithew(™), Canada

  • ACE 0.Pending

  • REPs  2.0

  • SPIN®


Bds$525 includes training literature & catered breaks.  

Discount  2 Workshops Bds$1,050 includes training literature & catered breaks.

                 3 Workshops Bds$1,567 includes training literature & catered breaks.

Enjoy our NEW Prepayment Plan!

Workshop Notes

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