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Education Providers

Education Providers To Date

~ your education skills, product and equipment are marketed in Barbados and Region

~ gain increased accurate feedback

~ enjoy increased market share

Education Providers

to Date

~ American Council on Exercise (ACE), USA

~ Blades & Blades Consultancy Services LP, Barbados

~ Mad Dogg Athletics®, USA

~ MERRITHEW™, Canada

Accreditations To Date

Certification & CPD

~ Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (afaa)

~ American Council on Exercise (ACE)

~ American College of Sports Medicine (acsm)

~ Barbados Medical Council, Barbados, West Indies

~ Barbados Nursing Council, Barbados, West Indies

~ National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM), USA

~ canfitpro, Canada

~ REPs, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United States of America




Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals - List and Benefits

~ Nurses

~ Nursing Assistants

~ Physicians

~ Holistic Practitioners

~ Sports Therapists

~ Physical Therapists

~ Rehabilitation Therapists

~ earn credits

~ learn the importance of diet and exercise practices

~ create / develop additional markets, career and business opportunities

~ profit from Business Development Education

~ enjoy gains from networking



Athletics, Movement & Fitness Professionals - List and Benefits

~ Athletes, Senior and Junior

~ Physical Education Teachers

~ Athletics Coaches

~ Dancers

~ Dance Instructors

~ Fitness Professionals

~ Pilates Instructors

~ Yoga Instructors

~ Fire Prevention Officers and Trainers

~ Officers and Trainers of the Police, Army and Navy

~ earn credits

~ gain deeper insights into your present field

~ upgrade current skills

~ certify in new skills;

~ add variety to training regimens;

~ become a more effective trainer;

~ create / develop additional specializations;

~ increase profits with Business Development Training;

~ benefit from networking;

~ challenge yourself with new training 

Athletes, Students & Cadets

Athletes, Students & Cadets

~ Athletes, Senior and Secondary & Tertiary Institutions

~ Sports Sciences Programmes [CAPE, Community Colleges, University, etc]

~ Youth Service, International

~ Cadets, International

~ review information

~ learn new techniques

~ further examine studies outside of the school setting

~ explore additional opportunities for specializations in movement and sport

~ take full advantage of networking with a cross section of senior athletes and professionals

~ encourage younger people

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